Reflected Human

When will my REFLECTION show?
It never will you know
There is no reason to believe
As if you were helping me
But I’m no longer blind
How I use to mind
What I once did see
And so you laugh hehe

COLLECTION of such thoughts and fears
Leaving me broken, left with my tears
So I’m shattered, splattered, and misconstrued
Is that what I want… don’t want to be you
Be free to choose, I have a voice
Have to remember, I still have a choice
Put the pictures away, one after another
Black or white… I’m not a color

The future, the past, RECOLLECTION some
No the present, isn’t fun
Because I never will forget
Angels still say, “Not Yet”
All that will become fable
Say goodbye, to Turning Tables
Don’t have to clean my plate
Because before it’s too late

Some AFFECTION must be shown
Right down to these bones
I’ll Say what I need to say
Right now, if just for today
To that thing in the mirror
Who draws ever nearer
Know that I love you
Could it be so true?

For there will be OBJECTIONS
They come from all directions
With anything we could be
They will never be happy
We’ll show them who we are
If it breaks a million hearts
I don’t want to be them
Only reflected human

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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