Stories to Watch: 8/3/11

I made some pitas today. I found a recipe that uses a griddle and it was crazy. They blow up like little balloons. Now here's the news...

Remember when Rick Perry was going to be the next big thing that shook up the GOP presidential race? Yeah, turns out a lot of people aren't sold. Media hype strikes again.

What is it with the right and their all-consuming hatred of hamburgers?

Did I mention that President Obama also had the gall to have a birthday? It's an outrage! Geez, you'd think he was sharing a birthday cake with John McCain while New Orleans was being washed away.

China's been cyber-attacking... Well, everyone.

This is becoming a regular feature her, but the American peoplehate the debt limit agreement.

We really dodged a bullet when Robert Bork's confirmation to the Supreme Court failed. Unfortunately, he's an advisor to Mittens Romney now -- and no less insane.

Eric Holder on his Murdoch-9/11 phone hacking probe: "this is something we are taking seriously."

Finally, here's the new normal in politics; Sen. David Vitter takes a hostage.

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