News Roundup for 8/16/11

Nuclear explosion
Rick Perry's presidential campaign

-Headline of the Day-
"Rick Perry will self-destruct within 30 days."

Liberal pundit Brent Budowsky predicts that the wide-open spaces between Rick Perry's ears will bring that candidate down within a month. I'm not willing to bet the farm on that, but if today is any indication, Rick's not going to have an easy time. First he suggests that Ben Bernanke should be shot or hung or beheaded or something (how do the execute traitors these days?), then he won't say whether or not he believes President Obama loves America.

This stuff may fly to the teabag crowd, but 14% support isn't going to win anybody any elections.

"I can think of several nations Rick Perry is fit to lead, but the United States of America is not one of them," Budowsky says. "With his latest comments, perhaps Rick Perry wants to be the running mate of Vladimir Putin in the coming Russian election."

Nice thought, but I doubt Putin would put up with him. (The Hill)

-Michele Bachmann, rhetorical genius-
Michele Bachmann celebrates Elvis Presley's birthday today. Yay!

There's one tiny little detail that sort of throws a monkeywrench into the whole celebration though -- it's not Elvis's birthday, it's the 34th anniversary of his death.

Party on! (Politico)

-Bonus HotD-
"Whole Foods Tangled In Anti-Islam Flap Over Ramadan Promotion."

The grocer acknowledges that a holiday exists, which is the first step toward totalitarian Sharia law!

Freak out! FREAK OUT!! (Talking Points Memo)

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  1. Elvis' birthday is in JANUARY....she obviously forgot to check her facts. He died on August 16, 1977. I was living in Germany when he died, and he had many fans there, who were all shook up by his death. The German radio played Elvis songs all day in his memory.