News Roundup for 8/30/11

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Fox News' Brian Kilmeade

Headline of the Day-
"Fox News Forces Candidate to Defend Reality."

You might remember a tweet sent out by GOP presidential candidate John Huntsman a few weeks ago. Huntsman, who's staked out a losing position as the "sane Republican" in the race, decided he'd had enough of the other GOP crazies. "To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming," he tweeted. "Call me crazy."

So, of course, the good folks at Fox & Friends were up to the challenge -- specifically pure white ubermensch Brian Kilmeade, who may very well be the dumbest person to ever get a gig on live TV (and that includes this guy).

Basically, Bri-bri took the Rick Perry position that scientists make shit up to score that sweet, sweet grant money. It's all very stupid, which explains why Kilmeade goes there. This would have to be a massive scam and a hoax unlike any we've seen in the history of mankind. As the Washington Post reported, 97% to 98% of all scientists support the idea that global warming has a human cause. But Kilmeade, like Perry, is either unwilling or unable to do the mental heavy-lifting it takes to grasp the enormity of what he's suggesting (I vote for the latter). Want an idea of how unlikely it is that Kilmeade and Perry are right? It would have to be on the scale of faking the moonlandings, like the nutjob flatearthers believe.

But this is Brian Kilmeade and he is very stupid and this is Fox News, after all. Dumbassery is to be expected. (American Prospect)

-Can't tell the players without your scorecard!-
Having trouble telling your GOP presidential candidates apart? Try this handy chart!

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Remember, Mittens is the "sane" one. (Reddit)

-Bonus HotD-
"Five Brave Souls Attend Christine O'Donnell Book Signing In Florida."

A glimpse into Sarah Palin's future. (Wonkette)

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