News Roundup for 8/3/11

KY jelly
Mamma Santorum's special homemade jelly

-Headline of the Day-
"Santorum To Give Out Free Jelly At Ames."

Religious nutbag Rick Santorum plans to play up his downhome folksiness to midwesterners by handing out jelly to Iowans. This strikes me as unwise.

See, Rick's already got a bit of a google problem. If you google up "Santorum," less than family-friendly results come up.

Given the nature of those results and the existence of a certain kind of special jelly that sounds like it's named after Kentucky, one would think that Rick would avoid attaching his name to "jelly" in the google machine. Seriously, it just seems to be going in the entirely wrong direction.

Given this development, I feel confident in making a brash and bold prediction: Rick Santorum will never be president. And he was so close, too. (Talking Points Memo)

-But don't compare them to terrorists!-

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-Bonus HotD-
"O'Reilly Blames Women's Health Care 'Breast Feeding Stuff' For High Unemployment."

It doesn't have to make sense, it's Bill O'Reilly. (ThinkProgress)

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