News Roundup for 6/28/11

Bachmann recounts the time Jesus and Abe Lincoln signed the Declaration of Independence, making Sharia law illegal in the US

-Headline of the Day-
"Michele Bachmann Constantly Answering Her Own Questions Wrong."

"If you had to take a test where you also got to make up all the questions, would you probably still answer all of them wrong?" asks Wonkette. "Yes, you would, if you are lunatic Bible-humper Michele Bachmann."

See, PolitiFact checked 24 Shelly Bachmann statements and found that 23 of them were wrong. Among the crazy-assed things she's said; President Obama "released all of the oil from the strategic oil reserve," that John Quincy Adams was a founder, and that the Obama administration has only issued one drilling permit. Add in her expression of admiration for this John Wayne something-or-other from Waterloo, Iowa and you start to get the idea that Shelly and reality aren't real tight.

Keep in mind, these are all statements she made of her own volition. Wonkette wonders, "What if someone tried some 'gotcha' questions on Michele instead, would she accidentally get those right?"

Worth a shot. She couldn't do any worse. (Wonkette)

-Stopping history from happening-

political cartoon
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-Bonus HotD-
"Pawlenty's Incoherence On Syria: 'Recall Our Ambassador' But Also Use 'Every Diplomatic Channel' To Push Change."

All options should be on the table, but do we really need the table? (ThinkProgress)

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