News Roundup for 5/13/10

Bird covered with oil
Replacing the elephant as the symbol of the Republican Party

-Headline of the day-
"As House Opens Hearing To Investigate Oil Spill Disaster, House GOP Gathers At Oil Industry Fundraiser."

You might have heard about a little mishap in the Gulf of Mexico that threatens the environment and people's way of life for decades. Something about some oil, I think. Environmentalist whackjobs are always freaking out about something, so I'm pretty sure it's nothing.

Sharing this line of reasoning is pretty much the entire House Republican Caucus. On the same day that the House got testimony from oil execs on how badly they fucked everything up and whose fault the whole thing was, the House GOP got together with oil execs to trade stories, pancakes, and favors for campaign cash.

The lesson Republicans have learned from this whole ocean of oil fiasco? The same lesson they learn from every fiasco; if something is looking like it's a real bad idea, then the only possible solution is to do more of it.

Oh, and to read Barack Obama's mind. (Think Progress)

-Cartoon time with Mark Fiore-
Hey kids, Dogboy and Mr. Dan are back and they're here to explain how the stock market works!

Give Him a Hand
Click for animation

OK, so maybe saying "the stock market works" is overstating things just a little bit... (MarkFiore.com)

-Bonus HotD-
"In Search Of A Suitable Running Mate, CO Gov Candidate Turns To Craigslist."

Independent Colorado gubernatorial hopeful Jason Clark says his help wanted ad has been "really, really successful" with "well over 200 or 300 applications" for the position of running mate. "There's a complete and total disconnect between politics and the people," Clark says. "We're looking for fresh thinkers, new ideas, and new leadership. We want to invite everyone in."

And he's being realistic about the whole thing, saying, "There's 70 to 75 percent that I would say are not qualified for an office of that caliber." So it's not like he's just grabbing the first person that walks in the door -- unlike other candidates seeking running mates.

Hey, why the hell not? Live in Colorado and need a short-term gig? Run for Lt. Governor. It's not like Clark's going to win and it would look so killer on your resume. (Talking Points Memo)

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