News Roundup for 12/7/09

Palin and family
Sarah Palin and all the reasons no one likes her

-Headline of the day-
"'Post-Abortion Pain' Causes Nation to Dislike Sarah Palin."

The anti-abortion site LifeNews.com has an explanation as to why everyone doesn't love Sarah Palin as much as the wingnuts do. It's a nuanced argument, filled with insight and Christian wisdom; abortion makes you mental.

See, Sarah Palin didn't have an abortion, she had kids. And it didn't screw up her career. "Yes, this hockey Mom went from school board, to mayor, to governor to a vice presidential candidate!" we're told. "And her own unplanned pregnancy ended not in the hands of an abortionist, but in the loving embrace of the Palin family."

When liberal women look at Sarah Palin, they freak out -- because they've all had abortions and don't have any kids, I guess. "The next time you hear Sarah being attacked so viciously," the report reads, "consider that it might be because we are a nation that has been wounded by abortion."

Or it might just be that she's genuinely an idiot. You might consider that possibility, too. (Right Wing Watch)

-News you can't possibly use-
There's a big global warming summit, the continued healthcare debate, and big recession. So naturally the big news is that Tiger Woods likes to have sex with people -- people who are ladies -- and his wife's not really happy with that. Now the trees are getting in on the story.

More Trees Come Forward -- Claim Woods Hit on Them Too
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This takes the term "tree-hugging" to a whole new level. (Bad Reporter)

-Bonus HotD-
"Person Responsible For The POLITICO Will Decide The Best Writing And Reporting, Now."

Politico's executive editor Jim VandeHei has been elected to serve on the Pulitzer Board. Now would be a good time to remember that Politico's idea of good reporting is telling everyone how much the healthcare reform bill weighs, but not what's in it.

So there's that. (Wonkette)

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  1. The leftnuts do hate American Families.

    Evidence: "Sarah Palin and all the reasons no one likes her."