News Roundup for 12/30/09

Praying hands
Dear Jesus, do something... I guess...

-Headline of the day-
"Christians to Hold 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting for the USA -- Jan 4 to Feb 12."

A group calling themselves Pray Daily America promises to fix everything that's wrong with America through forty days of prayer and fasting. Well, maybe not the fasting, which the goup calls "optional," but definitely the praying.

"A key to getting our nation right with God is for each person to covenant that God is our God and we are His people; We obey the first two commandments: To love God and to love one another as Jesus loved us", said Pastor Steve of Pray Daily America. "By obeying Jesus, He will deliver the USA from everything. We have a good God who forgives sin and loves people."

So what will be accomplished by all this? The report -- which is actually just a PDA press release -- doesn't actually say. I guess the people praying and fasting will feel nice after it's over, but that's about the only promise these guys seem to be making.

Still, PDA is offering "Marketing tools, a collectible wristband and covenant cards to share," so that's fun. Although, I'd be happier if the whole thing had some reason behind it... Which it apparently doesn't.

Have fun with whatever the hell it is you're doing, Pastor Steve! (Christian News Wire)

-Cheney can't type-
Politico's Mike Allen is catching some heat for an article he wrote today about Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, and the incident the media will start calling "FlamingCrotch-Gate" any minute now. So what's the problem? Well, it's mostly Cheney talking and Allen writing it down -- without bothering to point out that it was all horseshit.

The critics weren't entirely in agreement on the issue, however. Andrew Sullivan called Allen "Cheney's Chief spokesman," while Glenn Greenwald disagreed, saying that he was "Cheney's press secretary."

But it was Greenwald who got in the best dig; "Dick Cheney uses Politico like Sarah Palin uses Facebook: a venue to spout false statements to the press without being challenged." I declare him the winner.

Now seems like an excellent time to remind everyone Politico's executive editor Jim VandeHei now serves on the Pulitzer Prize committee and will help decide what awesome journalism looks like from now on.

I predict a Pulitzer is in the cards for Newt Gingrich's twitter page. (Raw Story)

-Bonus HotD-
"Price to See Palin."

If you want to see Sarah Palin at the National Tea Party Convention in February, it'll cost you $349.

Because it's so rare for her to make a public appearance, I guess. (Political Wire)

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