News Roundup for 12/14/09

Some asshole addresses the Senate

-Headline of the day-
"81% Of Dems Want Lieberman Punished For Health Care Filibuster."

Wow, there's a surprise, huh?

A poll taken for Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America finds that if Joe Lieberman carries out his threat to filibuster healthcare reform, he ought to be fired from his chair on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. So says 81% of Democrats polled. Only 10% believed he shouldn't be punished, with undecideds making up the difference.

He does better with Independents. 43% of indies think he should get canned, but this is the largest group here too -- only 30% think he should keep his committee. All in all, 47% of the public in general are sick of Joe Lieberman's self-important dicking around, with only 32% supporting him. If we could put it up to a vote, Joe would be out on his ass.

As always, Republicans disagree with the American mainstream; 66% think he shouldn't be punished, with only 10% saying he should.

This all brings up the question; if healthcare reform is so damned unpopular, why do Democrats and Independents want Joe bitchslapped for trying to block it?

I've been on sort of an anti-Lieberman tear today -- it looks like I'm not the only one. Hating Joe Lieberman seems to be the next big thing.

It's like baggy pants or something, all the kids are doing it. (Huffington Post)

-More to despise-
Here's Joe Lieberman on expanding Medicare coverage as a way to achieve broader healthcare coverage:

Yay! He's for it!

Except that was three months ago. He's totally against it now and thinks it's the worst thing ever in the history of worst things. "It’s yet another sign, as if you needed one, that Lieberman’s current opposition to the Senate proposal doesn’t appear to have any roots in a genuine policy disagreement," writes Greg Sargent.

Yeah, kind of looks that way, doesn't it? You've got feel bad for that kid reading the emails -- he's working for the biggest prick in the entire Senate. (Plum Line)

-Bonus HotD-
"22 million missing Bush White House e-mails found."

That sound you just heard was Dick Cheney crapping himself. (Associated Press)

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