News Roundup for 12/21/09

Bush struggles to get out of car
Americans believe this man sucks

-Headline of the day-
"Americans Judge The Bush Decade: 'Awful' And 'Not So Good.'"

Turns out that before we got a secret illegal alien Muslim terr'ist who wants to destroy America through Communism for president, we had a guy who wanted to destroy America the old fashioned way -- through rank incompetence, corruption, and general fuckwittedness. Who knew?

Anyway, the good news is that this "George W. Bush" guy -- AKA "Dubya," "Shrub," or "Monkey Boy" -- failed in his plan to destroy America because of all the aforementioned incompetence. Turns out that a lot of people remember this guy and they don't seem to like him much.

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll finds that 58% of Americans remember the Bush years as "awful" or "not so good," which tells me that "catastrophic" wasn't an option.

It also tells me that 42% of Americans don't remember this Bush guy at all. (Think Progress)

-Naughty or nice?-
First Tiger Woods, now this...

TMZ: Claus for Alarm? Sleigh Accident Remains Unexplained
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Try to keep it in your pants, Kringle. (Bad Reporter)

-Bonus HotD-
"Dick Cheney: HUMAN EVENTS' Conservative of the Year."

The rightwing rag Human Events names Dick the nutbag of the year. Congrats Dick! And who better to write the accompanying man-crush porn for this award than lunatic UN-hater and former Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton? No one, that's who.

Man, this thing is just a whole pile of crazy... Wait a second, I'm starting to remember this Bush guy.

Yeah, he sucked, didn't he? (Human Events)

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  1. Bush was not the best President.
    Yet recent polls show more Americans prefer him over Obama.

    Bush was no Reagan, but he was an american.
    Obama is a corrupt muslim from Kenya who hates America.
    And people have caught on to that.