News Roundup for 9/9/11

Marty Feldman steals brain in 'Young Frankenstein'
A gay man does his nefarious work

-Headline of the Day-
"Opponent Of California's Gay-Ed Law: Gays Are 'Kidnapping The Brains Of The Kids.'"

Randy Thomasson of Save California wants everyone to know that the state's FAIR Education Act is the worst thing ever! What's so bad about? It requires schools to include the accomplishments of people who happen to be un-straight in teaching history to kids in schools. In other words, California schools are now required to pollute innocent young minds with the filthy liberal myth that gays exist and that they did stuff throughout history. So Randy and SA are out to repeal the law and save kids from... I don't know, knowledge, I guess.

"Any day of the week starting in January, children as young as kindergarten will be told that a homosexual, a bisexual, or even a cross-dresser or someone who has had healthy body parts in a sex-change operation cut off -- that this is a positive role model," he says. "They're not going to be told that it's unhealthy; they're not going to be told, well is this natural or is this a matter of environment. They won't be told it. So, there's no critical thinking."

"This is basically the gay activists kidnapping the brains of the kids, and the parents have no say whatsoever," he went on. Yes, by teaching kids that gays exist and that they did stuff, California schools are condoning -- nay, encouraging -- gay behavior. This must not be!

Because if there's one thing that people like Randy know, it's that it doesn't take much to make a good Christian go all homo-sexy. The mere knowledge of the existence of gays may be enough. (ThinkProgress, with video)

-In similar news, man crosses street without being hit-
When is a non-news story where nothing happens a hot news story? When it's about celebrity wingnut Sarah Palin, of course!

Bad Reporter
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The only difference between you and Sarah Palin is that you don't want news vans parked on your lawn 24/7. (Bad Reporter)

-Bonus HotD-
"House passes resolution to 'never forget' 9/11."

If you read the text, it's actually a declaration of never-ending war against a vague enemy until terrorism is gone forever. So, yay for that. I doubt we needed a national post-it note to remind us, anyway.

And just a reminder, get ready for a weekend of wall-to-wall 9/11 porn. (Raw Story)

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  1. My brain was kidnapped by gays once. When I got it back, my sense of fashion was amazing. I don't know what these clowns are complaining about.