News Roundup for 9/1/11

Clinic protester blocks car
Turns out this is illegal

-Headline of the Day-
"Justice Department Tougher On Abortion Protesters."

People who yell at ladies outside women's health clinics are shocked to discover the President Barack HUSSEIN Obama isn't as willing to look the other way as the Oh-so-Christian GWB was. See, it seems there's a law against that sort of thing and people have been breaking it -- a lot. According to the report, "Under the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, or FACE Act, the Justice Department's civil rights division has filed eight civil cases since the start of the Obama administration. That's a big increase over the George W. Bush years, when one case was filed in eight years."

The FACE basically makes it illegal to keep people from entering a clinic, but it also includes penalties for trespassing. Clinics have used the trespassing provision to create a "buffer zone" to keep the nuts away, but the Bush administration had a bad habit of not giving a fuck. Now the free ride is over.

"There's been a substantial difference between this administration and the one immediately prior," says Ellen Gertzog, director of security for Planned Parenthood. "From where we sit, there's currently much greater willingness to carefully assess incidents when they occur and to proceed with legal action when appropriate."

Now would seem to be a good time to point out another news story of the day: the US ranks 41st in the world in terms of infant mortality, which -- for the record -- is just awful.

Want to save some babies in real numbers? Put down the aborted fetus signs, quit the Republican Party, and become activists for real healthcare reform.

Just sayin'. (NPR)

-Moammar and the monster-
Qadaffi gets some really solid advice from a fellow human rights violator.

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Actually, that doesn't really seem to be working for Dick. (Truthdig)

"Arizona GOP Fundraiser Remembers Giffords Shooting With Glock Raffle."

Pure class... (Wonkette)

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