News Roundup for 9/22/10

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They're everywhere!

-Headline of the Day-
"Mock All You Want, Republicans And Conservatives Take Witchcraft Seriously."

According to Brian Beutler, when Delaware Tea Party crackpot Christine O'Donnell talked about "dabbling in witchcraft," she "actually offered a glimpse into a real phenomenon in right wing politics and religion: fear of witchcraft and Satanic ritual." Turns out, a lot of these people think this shit is real. Which is weird, because they're so levelheaded and sciency about things like evolution.

But then he reminds us of Sarah Palin getting spiritual protection from witches back in 2005. And you know what? It worked! Sarah and Grampy weren't brought down by witchcraft, their campaign failed because they sucked. So I guess the anti-hex lasts a while -- which is good, because the minions of Satan are all over the place.

"Many of the right's most influential religious leaders contend publicly that witches and Satan worshippers abduct thousands of people a year, many of them children, for ritual murders," Beutler reports. "Some claim to have witnessed, or, like O'Donnell, participated in, the occult practices they abhor."

Another McCain/Palin connection: campaign buddy Pastor John Hagee, who once warned that Hillary Clinton was engaging in witchcraft and that "female Satanists breed themselves to give birth to children for ritual offerings."

So is Christine crazy? Yes. Yes, she is. But no more crazy than your average religious right nutjob. (Talking Points Memo)

-I can has teabaggerz?-
Last night, TeaParty.org looked like this:

Click for larger image

That was one of the more family-friendly pages I could find. The rest were a mix of anime porn, photoshops, swastikas, and photos of Hitler. Literally hundreds of pages of the stuff, totaling over 1,300 files when I checked last night -- and rising.

What happened? Someone doesn't like teabaggers very much, that's what. Why this happened is a whole big thing, but if you want to catch up on it, try here.

The moral of this story: don't mess with 4chan. You will lose. (Mediaite)

-Bonus HotD-
"Ohio Democrat Chair Fires 'F-Word' At Tea Party."

Ohio State Democratic Party head calls teabaggers "fuckers"; fuckers are outraged by the comparison. (WOTV)

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