News Roundup for 9/13/10

One teabagger's idea of democracy

-Headline of the Day-
"Tom Ross, Delaware GOP Chair, Threatened With 'Bullet In The Head'."

I think the GOP just might be starting to get the idea that teabaggers are freakin' nuts. If not, Republicans are even dumber than I think they are. See, Delaware's having this Senate primary and, on the Republican side, it's Tea Party lunatic Christine O'Donnell vs. long-time GOP Rep. Mike Castle. The problem for the teabaggers is that Castle is a moderate and anyone to the left of Ghengis Khan is automatically a "Republican In Name Only" or a RINO. So they're going at it and the party's backing Castle, mostly because he can win. He's a moderate and this is Delaware. If O'Donnell gets the nomination, she will so lose, because -- as I said -- she's a lunatic.

And so are her supporters. As the state GOP lines up behind the person who stands a chance in hell, the teabaggers are ready to lose the seat on principle. And this is their idea of a persuasive and reasonable argument: an email telling state GOP head Tom Ross he deserves "a bullet in the head" for backing "political ass-kissing RINOs."

Did I mention that Sarah Palin is backing O'Donnell? I didn't? Rightwing, insane, paranoid... I suppose it just goes without saying. (Huffington Post)

This is how you put the kibosh on a Hate Festival:

"Dude, you have no Quran!"

Jason Isom, folks -- an unlikely hero for our time. (Think Progress, YouTube)

-Bonus HotD-
"Paranoid Palin Hunts For Media 'Moles' At Montana Speech."

See what I mean? (Think Progress)

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