News Roundup for 9/14/10

Kid wearing a bedsheet ghost costume
"Ooooo! I've come to steal the election! Ooooo!"

-Headline of the Day-

File this under under "What happens when you don't pay attention." A new poll out from Public Policy Polling finds that 20% answered yes to "Do you think ACORN will steal the election to keep the Democrats in control of Congress or not?" 40% said they wouldn't and the remaining 40% weren't sure.

So here's the problem: is there such a thing as ACORN? Not anymore.

Still, 23% of Republicans think ACORN is going to rise from the grave and steal the election for Democrats. Worse, 20% of Democrats say the same thing.

As always, about 20% of respondents to any poll are crazy, stupid, or some combination of the two. Doesn't really explain the 40% who aren't sure, though. (Public Policy Polling)

-It's what the public deserves-
Crazy desert hobo Sharron Angle wanted a debate. Back in June, she told some TV show, "What I would like to see is Harry Reid come into this studio and have a true debate, and on the issues." So her campaign and Harry Reid's campaign got together, knocked out an agreement, and signed it. Debates were on!

Then last week, the Angle campaign canceled. No debate! No, no, no, no, no! See, it was after early voting started and that would just be wrong. So the Angle campaign put out a press release titled, "Angle Campaign Agrees To 2nd Debate On September 23." The consistent messaging there cleared everything up. Angle then told the same TV show there would be no debate.

Confused? Welcome to the inside of Sharron Angle's head. (Think Progress)

-Bonus HotD-
"How Republicans Could Lose the Tea Party."

I can sum this one up pretty easily: by not being crazy enough if they take a House majority. The bad (good?) news is that if they are crazy enough, they'll lose everyone else.

Nice corner you've painted yourselves into, guys. (Daily Beast)

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