Three Little Apples.

Three little apples, she saves

Three little tomatoes, she raves

Three little peppers, she craves.

As i expound on the virtues of the last three in the bag, be it three slices of bread, three inches of my favorite baguette, or three bites of apple sauce, places the challenge of over-consumption right on my kitchen table. We erupted onto awareness one at a time, therefore, we are capable of reversing the escalation, one same one at same time.

In this finite culture of abundance, it is difficult to motivate consumers to reduce and to save resources at home. It took no more than two generations to escalate wasteful practices in times of blind affluence. And now, it is judgment day at the supermarket, we must make the right choices or the whole system will suffer. One mouth, one choice, three spoons at a time.

OK,conscience is good, morality essential, yes, but i notice that after years of talking and writing about conservative measures, economy has trumped ecology again. My friends now believe me, i have not changed, but their finances have. Suddenly, the questions become urgent. How do i make soap last? How do i save on groceries? What do i serve the kids when they won't eat anything but brand name foods?

Answers do not vary, i still live the same way through different times, many are eager to follow, yet none brave enough to participate. I hear the words “the children won't like it, i have always done it my way, that's the way mother made it!”. The barrage of self defense comes up at the speed of spikes trying to stop a run-away vehicle. And the vehicle is a hearse. Bury my mind at wounded heart...Though, lately, i have noted that women are slightly less reticent to try new tips to reduce, at least the food and home care budget. Good for them!

Items stay on shelf longer at the grocery store, inventory has been reduced or changed to more immediate needs, there has been a lot of spoilage because few can afford the extra cost of processing and shipping meat, dairy and produce. Yet i saw so many fruit trees laden with rotting pulp. Ants had a feast. And judging from the squirrel body count on the streets, animals are smarter than we, except for crossing roads. Even the opossums knew that.

Yes, yes, i will write my favorite recipes for fruit compote and vegetable soups and dishes; this will be my humble contribution to the efforts of those who appreciate the bounty. Alright, raise your hand now, what? No hands? See, you can lead them to the kitchen, but, can you take the convenience out of them?

The butcher's dog is getting fat, and out of date too, judging from the neglected fresh meat shelves. The compost bin is bulging from sad produce, under impatient clients' gaze, waiting for price reductions no doubt. Zero waste is not here yet. Just wait till it gets worse...It will make 'The Road' look like a picnic. Just read Cormac McCarthy's book, that' ll cheer you up.

And save the last three...of anything.

Three more lines to sate

Three little bugs she ate

Three dandelions her fate

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