News Roundup for 1/6/10


-Headline of the day-
"'You Are a Bad, Bad, Bad Journalist'."

Stick with me here, because this one gets a little complicated. We'll start at Media Matters, where it was reported that right wing master of the blogosphere, Andrew Breitbart, had placed "a $1,000 bet challenging Media Matters and senior fellow Eric Boehlert for proof that Bertha E. Lewis -- whose name recently appeared on a White House guest list -- was not ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis."

Guess what? She wasn't. The first clue is that the ACORN lady is Bertha M. Lewis, which kind of suggests that maybe we're talking about a whole 'nother person here. No word on when Breitbart plans on paying up, but I'm guessing it'll be a couple weeks after hell freezes over. Anyway, Andy posted what MM called "begrudging semi-correction" his blog, after which he was subject to the widespread mockery and derision of the left. This was totally unfair because... Ummm... Well, because.

In an attempt to redeem himself somehow, he actually called ACORN's Bertha and apologized or something -- seriously, it's not the most focused post ever, so it's really not clear what he was trying to do. But he got her on the phone and they talked for a while. Andy said it was awkward and finally wound up accusing her of lying about something that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic on hand and Lewis said he was a "bad, bad, bad journalist," which Breitbart took as a badge of honor and made the title of his post.

I guess it's because she called him a "journalist," when he's so clearly just a clueless and classless dick. (Big Journalism)

-Some cliches are true-
Remember James von Brunn, the 89 year-old avowed racist who shot and killed a guard at the US Holocaust Museum in DC?

Yeah, he died in prison.

More proof that only the good die young. (Agence France-Presse)

-Bonus HotD-
"Steele: Bush Was 'Right' To Wait Six Days To Respond To Shoe Bomber, But Obama Was Still Too Slow."

Someone want to check and see if RNC head Michael Steele has an untreated head injury? I swear he's getting dumber as time goes on. In a week, he'll have reached Palinesque stupidity levels. (Think Progress, with video)

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