News Roundup for 1/11/10

Steele with straw boater and plaid jacket
RNC head Mike Steele wants you to know he's not worried

-Headline of the day-
"At Least 16 Tea Party Activists Step Up To Challenge Top Republican Incumbents And Recruits."

While talking up what a big win they're going to have in November, the GOP is busy putting down a rebellion in the base... And not very successfully. They've got 16 challenges to Republican candidates around the country from the very teabaggers they thought were going to be their ticket to the top.

"The emergence of the tea parties as the opposition movement says more about Republicans than it does the agenda of the Obama administration," reports Think Progress. "The Republican Party has not articulated coherent plans to deal with the health care crisis, poverty, global warming, dependence on foreign oil, financial industry abuses, or any other major national issue. Perhaps that is why so many tea party-goers are now challenging the Republican status quo."

Or maybe they're just lunatics. Either way, bad news for a party trying to dig itself out from under the collapsed ruins of their failures. What's especially fun about this is that the "tea party movement" is largely a Republican creation.

Remember how the monster turned against Dr. Frankenstein?

Yeah, it's like that... (Think Progress)

-FOX News Presents: Inspiring Quitters-
Celebrity Facebook troll Sarah Palin is going to be a FOX News talking head. According to the report, "Palin, who resigned as governor of Alaska last summer, will appear as a commentator on various Fox shows. She will also host an occasional program that will examine inspirational tales involving ordinary Americans."

This means Palin will join fellow social media celebrity Tila Tequila in the reality show business.

Expect Sarah to make ordinary Americans inspire her by eating a bug. (Washington Post)

-Bonus HotD-
"Authors: McCain aides worried that Palin was 'mentally unstable.'"

That new Game Change book has more in it than what a horrible racist Harry Reid is. It also includes the well-known fact that Sarah Palin is squirrelly.

Yeah, I know... this qualifies as news?

Anyway, the odds of Sarah making someone eat a bug on her show just bumped up a bit. (Raw Story, with video)

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