News Roundup for 5/7/12

Mittens the Clown

-Headline of the Day-
"Romney Supporter: Obama Taking Credit For Bin Laden Like ‘Giving Ronald McDonald Credit’ For Big Mac."

So sayeth Dave Yost. Who's Dave Yost? Why, he's the Ohio state Auditor. In other words, nobody.

So why is this news? Well, to tell the truth, it's not. But it allows me to comment on a bigger picture going on out there, namely the Republican Party's Bin Laden denialism. This is basically what every GOPer out there is saying -- that Obama shouldn't take credit because he didn't actually kill Bin Laden personally -- and it makes no damned sense at all.

Here's the thing; contrary to what conservatives seem to believe, SEAL Team 6 doesn't wander the world aimlessly, looking for bad guys. They aren't like cops on a beat who just happened to stumble across Osama Bin Laden and took it upon themselves to take care of him. They were sent there. By this one guy. A guy named Barack Obama.

On the other hand, Mitt Romney said categorically that he would never, ever, not once in a million years send troops into Pakistan to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden. Now, of course, Mittens says something 180 degrees opposite -- which is kind of a hobby of his. Romney switched positions only after it became clear that Obama's way was a good idea. If Bin Laden were still alive, it's pretty clear a President Romney would not send SEAL 6 into Pakistan to take him out. And, as we've already established, SEAL Team 6 doesn't wander around looking for baddies to knock off all on their lonesome.

So who is Dave Yost again? On this issue, he's identical to every other Republican moron. Call him the GOP everyman. (ThinkProgress)

-Here come the waterworks again-

Looks like Boehner's going to have to head over to Earl Scheib's to get another coat. (GoComics)

-Bonus HotD-
"Failed AL Governor Has Ditched Wife To Knock Up Lesbians In New Zealand."

Oh sure, it's a Wonkette headline, but here's the thing: not a word of that is untrue. (Wonkette)

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