News Roundup for 5/2/12

Newt Gingrich, economic genius

-Headline of the Day-
"Newt Gingrich $4 Million in Debt; Staffers and Creditors Fume."

It's official: Noodles is out. But while his presidential campaign will finally fold up shop, his campaign debt is going to stick around for a while.

According to the report, Gingrich "finished March with $4.3 million in debts, an alarming increase from $1.5 million at the end of February, according to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission."

"The campaign owes Moby Dick Airways $1.1 million for travel and charter flights.; the Patriot Group, a Virginia security company, $449,502 for helping to protect the candidate; and McKenna, Long and Aldridge, a law firm with offices in Atlanta, $183,658 for legal services, the reports show," the report goes on. Smaller businesses are getting screwed too.

"We floated quite a bit of money -- a lot of out-of-pocket costs that we covered," said Ryan Driscoll of Pro-Production Services, a stage, light, and sound company. "I am a little worried. Nobody wants to lose 32 grand."

For their part, Romney and the Republican Party have "offered to be helpful in retiring Gingrich's debt."

Would that be a bailout? I do believe it would be. Huzzah for fiscal sanity! (ABC News)

-The VP search is on-

An intriguing sign... (GoComics)

-Bonus HotD-
"Wife Of Key Legislator Behind North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Amendment Claims It Would Protect The ‘Caucasian’ Race."

I'm not extremely clear on how this works. Are we sure Jodie Brunstetter knows we're talking about gay marriage here? I think she might be getting her bigotries mixed up. (ThinkProgress)

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