News Roundup for 3/9/12

Jed Clampett
Mitt Romney

-Headline of the Day-
"Romney woos Southerners: I had some ‘cheesy grits’ at the Hilton, y’all."

Hoo-dangit! That ol' Mitt Romney fella was down there in Pascagoula, Mississippi and danged if he didn't fit right in. Bein' in the south and all, Mittens reckoned this'd be a fine time to start playin' to them stereotypes.

Mitt told a crowd that "strange things are happening to me." He was fixin' to have him a boney fied transformation right up there on that stage! It was riveting. "I am learning to say y’all, and I like grits and things," he told them. Who doesn't like grits and things? Whenever I go out for breakfast, I always tell the waitress, "Have the cook whip me up a big ol' honkin' plate of them grits and things." They always know what you mean.

Then, in Jackson, Romney got downright homey. "Mornin’ y’all," he told the crowd. "Good to be with you."

"I got started right this morning with a biscuit and some cheesy grits, I’ll tell ya. Delicious," he added. "Hilton Garden Inn knows just what to serve me in the morning."

He then went on to praise The Dukes of Hazzard, tell everyone how much he loves chawin' tobbaccy, and played the spoons on his knee. "Y'all love me yet?" he asked. "Because I've got a banjo back on the bus, if that's what it takes." (Raw Story)

-Mitt's road to the nomination-

Romney political cartoon

Paved with greenbacks -- and future kickbacks. (Truthdig)

-Bonus HotD-
"Confirmed: Fracking Caused Ohio Earthquakes."

Maybe we shouldn't be doing it then?

Naw... Now is not the time to be rational. (ThinkProgress)

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