News Roundup for 3/1/12

Something conservatives have apparently never seen

-Headline of the Day-
"Contraception: That’s Not How It Works, Guys."

Or a shorter headline might be "conservatives are morons."

See, it all started when some random street lunatic wrote a column for CNSNews titled, "Sex-Crazed Co-Eds Going Broke Buying Birth Control, Student Tells Pelosi Hearing Touting Freebie Mandate." Good on CNS for employing the mentally challenged.

However, other rightwing dopes couldn't (or more likely refused to) see the glaring problem with the piece -- birth control pills are a course of treatment. In other words, it doesn't matter how much sex you have, you'll always take the same schedule of pills. That's why the container/dispenser thing is a freakin' calendar.

But never mind the facts. According to Ed Kilgore, recent and fucking awful comments by Rush Limbaugh and others show "this idea that young women are having so much sex they are going broke and want taxpayers to bail them out seems to be solidifying into an actual, real-life meme (which is a bit astounding given what year it is)."

That's right, conservative blowhards are so intent on winning this contraception fight thing (that they just lost, by the way), that they're perfectly willing to come across as brainless idiots.

And I think I'm seeing how this works now; some conservative writes something fuckwitted, all the liberal blogs laugh at it, and the wingnut bloggers and talk show hosts crawl out of the woodwork to defend it. It doesn't make any difference how insane it is, liberals are wrong -- automatically. So if they say you don't use more BC if you have a lot of sex, then that's just nutty and you should laugh at the crazy libtards.

Still, Kilgore takes a shot at straightening this all out: "So, to all the people making this argument: Hi! Here’s a quick primer. This debate is mostly about the pill, not condoms. It’s not that every time a woman has sex she has to take a pill (though something like that also exists for emergency situations, and I’m aware that this enrages you). Rather, women get a prescription for these things called birth-control pills that are generally taken every day. So it’s a fixed prescription cost, and like many such costs, if insurance doesn’t cover it it can get out of hand really quickly because our medical system is an octopus riding a donkey riding a skateboard into a sadness quarry. But there is no proportional relationship between the amount of sex a woman has and the number of standard birth-control pills she consumes. Why, there are even women who aren’t sexually active who take the pill for medical reasons. Whoa!"

Nice try, but I don't think it's sinking in. (Political Animal)

-Cartoon Time with Mark Fiore-
Hey kids, Uncle Mark's here to explain the issues in the election this year! Yay!

Fiore cartoon
Click for animation

Uncle Mark depresses me sometimes... (MarkFiore.com)

-Bonus HotD-
"Andrew Breitbart Drops Dead."

Wish I'd thought of that headline. (Wonkette)

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