News Roundup for 1/10/12

New RNC logo

-Headline of the Day-
"Republicans Hand Democrats a Populist Issue."

Republicans handed Democrats a gift today, by way on confirming one of the worst GOP stereotypes. In a fourth circuit court case, the Republican National Committee filed an amicus brief [PDF] arguing that candidates for office should be able to get that sweet, sweet corporate cash straight from the corporations themselves.

"Especially if Romney is the nominee, expect this to be rolled into Romney's 'corporations are people, my friend' line, the Bain Capital stuff, and the recent 'I like to fire people gaffe,' with Occupy undertones, for Democrats (or their super PAC surrogates) to make an anti-corporate, Populist message for Obama's reelection," writes Rick Hasen of the Election Law Blog.

In fact, since the RNC basically makes the "corporations are people" argument in the brief, I'd say this was a pretty sure bet. They might as well slap a "for sale" sign on the GOP logo, because the RNC is indicating that they want to sell the party really, really bad. (Political Wire)


Don't worry New Hampshire, it's almost over. (Time)

-Bonus HotD-
"Heckler askes Romney: 'Are you going to fire the baby?'"

A Romney critic blows the obligatory baby picture photo op with a wisecrack. Experts say this is the most embarrassing infant-related campaign incident since Chester Arthur confused the "shake hands, kiss baby" routine and had to be forcibly stopped from shaking babies. (Raw Story)

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