News Roundup for 7/5/11

Klan rally
Tea Party rally

-Headline of the Day-
"Tea Party Nation column warns of dangers of 'non-European immigrants.'"

One of the things that make Tea Party denials of racism hard to swallow is the fact that they're always saying racist stuff. In this case, Eliana Benador writes for the Tea Party Nation that there's an "invasion of America" by "non-European immigrants."

"As we celebrate America’s Independence Day, it's noteworthy that the percentage reduction of original American voters, might have been a defining factor in the election of someone like the current president, who among other goals, seems to be keen in opening further our borders to endlessly increasing numbers of immigrants who, regardless of their skin color, are bringing in a whole new texture of culture, 100% foreign to what America's origins were as its wonderful adventure began back in 1776," she writes.

According to the report, "Tea Party Nation has previously published writings that warn of the impending "extinction" of the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) population."

Apparently deciding that none of this was offensive enough, Benador went on to argue that freedom of religion doesn't actually mean you have the freedom to practice your religion.

"However, the First Amendment does not stipulate that 'freedom of religion' must be upheld even if the followers of a religion have perpetrated an attack on, and massacred, our civilian population in times of peace, especially if that religion incites to the destruction of our country, our people, and our values," she says.

In related news, Daily Beast reports there's a "startling number of white-power candidates" running for office this year -- as Republicans.

Yup, no racism here. (Raw Story)

-Bachmann History X-
Michele Bachmann explains the Fourth of July:

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Any questions? (McClatchy)

-Bonus HotD-
"U.S. Renewable Energy Production Has Surpassed Nuclear."

Hippy whirlygigs and suncatchers now put out more power than huge space-age tea kettles, beating nuclear output by 6%.

Clearly, the terrorists have won. (ThinkProgress)

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