News Roundup for 7/12/11

Evile robot
Robots don't want you to vote

-Headline of the Day-
"'Right to Life' robocalls from D.C. tell Wisconsin recall voters to stay home."

Did you know that the recalls are beginning in Wisconsin today? They are! The first primaries are today. I don't get to play because my state senator is so beloved they couldn't get enough signatures to start a recall against him. Sucks to be me.

And, if somebody called "Right to Life" has anything to say about it, no one else will know they get to play either. According to one report, "Local news blog WI Voices reported that registered Democrats have been receiving recorded calls, claiming to be from a Right to Life group. The recorded call instructs them that they don't need to go to the polling place to vote, saying, 'You don't need to worry. Your absentee ballot is in the mail.'"

Going to the polls? Pffft! That's for chumps. You just sit there in your easychair and wait for that sweet, sweet absentee ballot to come in the mail -- way too late to mail it in.

And who is "Right to Life?" Who knows. Caller ID says the call is coming from 703-410-3201, but MrNumber.com says, "703-410-3201 is not a valid number. If you are sure that you got a phone call from a number beginning with this prefix, the caller may have 'spoofed' caller ID." Previous Robocalls from Sam "Joe the Plumber" Wurzlehoopy have been reported from this number -- asking people to support Scott Walker.

And Republicans think that voters are the big voting fraud problem. (Blue Cheddar)

-You thought you knew about the phone-hacking scandal...-
...and maybe you did. But John Oliver sums it up better than most news organizations in a comedy sketch.

Learn something you didn't know from that? I'll bet you did. (Comedy Central)

-Bonus HotD-
"Obama: 'I Cannot Guarantee' Social Security Checks Will Go Out Aug. 3."

See what happened there? The president just stole the Republicans' hostage.

They're gonna be mad... (ThinkProgress)

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