News Roundup for 4/19/11

Child with pistol
Praise Jesus!

-Headline of the day-
"Texas Kindergartner Exercising 2nd Amendment Rights At School Hurts 3."

An unnamed six year-old Second Amendment Hero exercised his God Given Right all over a Texas lunchroom today. He wounded himself and two other children, although none were seriously injured.

According to the report, the "six-year-old kindergartner's loaded gun fell out of his pocket in the school cafeteria and fired," sending glorious Bullets of Freedom throughout the cafeteria and no doubt scaring the bejeezus out of any hidden terr'ists looking to institute Sharia law there.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is said to be considering the child for a medal. (Wonkette)

-Ask the base-
Igor Volsky of the Center for American Progress asks actual 'baggers in New Hampshire what they think of the satanic gay marriage law in their state. Ooooooh, he's gonna get an earful!

They are just super-fired up about the issue, aren't they? (Wonk Room)

-Bonus HotD-
"House sets $500K, $520-an-hour contract for DOMA defense."

Tell me again how it's Democrats who throw money away... (Politico)

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