Some retro pieces

You're gone.

Sitting in the chair
worse for wear
Talking to you
when you're not there.
You picked me up
when I was down.
Now, like a clown
I juggle round
where there's no sight
and there's no sound.

My spirit worn
The silence kills
Into a ragged edge
I'm torn, out here
on my window ledge
Will l jump
even if only for thrills....
For below me is a
Berberis hedge!

Thoughts on 15th Sept '09

I think I started this for a Helium article, and then got bored with it.

Routine is essential to the running of everyday life. It consists of the things we need to do and the habits we have formed. The habit is a previous need which is no longer valid but has been incorporated into our routine. So we add to our routine with new necessities as they arise, setting up new habits for the future.

Routine can be an enjoyable experience or an unhappy chore.

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