News Roundup for 7/19/10

Used to be gay -- still is, in fact

-Headline of the day-
"Major 'Ex-Gay' Life Coach Accused of Sexual Misconduct By Former Clients."

The Homosexual Menace scores yet another victory as it turns "ex-gay" snake oil salesman Alan Downing back to the wicked ways of the Homosexual lifestyle. See, for people like Downing, being gay is a choice, but it turns out that it's really, really, really hard for some people to choose not to be gay. So they need a little help. This generally involves a lot of pseudo-psychological hoodoo and big dollop of Jesus. After that, you can go ahead and be "normal" with a wife and kids and all that stuff.

Of course, the problem with this whole "ex-gay" therapy thing is that it doesn't work at all, which is the one drawback. And since the whole thing is run by people who are "ex-gay," this often presents embarrassing problems. And Downing's is one of them.

According to the report, "[Two of Downing's] clients, Ben Unger and Chaim Levin, alleged that during individual therapy sessions, Downing made them undress in front of a mirror and touch their bodies while the significantly older therapist watched. Unger and Levin call the sessions a 'psychological striptease' and believe they were harmed by what they consider unprofessional behavior and sexual misconduct." Further, we're told; "Writer Ted Cox infiltrated this [Downing's] program and was surprised to find what he called, 'homoerotic exercises' and a cabin that he called 'The Cuddle Room' because it was a space where supposedly 'ex-gay' men gave each other inappropriate massages."

I don't care what it is, anything that needs that many quotation marks is automatically a little hinky. And -- this is just me here -- all of this stuff seems awfully... what's the word I'm looking for?... Gay.

I'll leave the punchline to the very first commenter on the story, who goes simply by "William": "If this is a new alternative to homosexuality, then it's very inferior to the old tried and tested homosexuality." (Truth Wins Out)

-Public Service Announcement-
"Yesterday, 45-year-old parolee Byron Williams opened fire on Highway Patrol officers in Oakland, California," Think Progress reports. "After a brief shootout, Williams, who was wearing body armor, was shot and is currently in an emergency room in stable condition at a local hospital."

Turns out that Williams was crazy. How crazy? Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck/teabagger crazy.

His mother says he was angry at "left-wing politicians" who were "railroading through all these left-wing agenda items," telling her "eventually, I think we re going to be caught up in a revolution." So, of course, the thing to do when you're pissed off at Democratic politicians is to start shooting at cops. Everyone knows cops are all Democratic politicians.

Look, I know you think watching FOX News and rightwing talk radio is just harmless fun, but look what it can do to your head. Friends don't let friends be rightwing media consumers. It's all bullshit and it can turn you crazy. (Think Progress)

-Bonus HotD-
"NPR now vying for front row White House seat."

I'm totally for NPR getting Helen Thomas' still-warm seat, since a lot of media outlets are planning to hide behind a paywall and National Public Radio is free, free, free. Who do we bribe with a half-ton of tote bags and coffee mugs to see that this happens? (The Upshot)

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