News Roundup for 12/7/10

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Out to destroy Christmas

-Headline of the Day-
"Fox News Store Wishes Readers 'Happy Holidays'."

You know what's great? They seem to do this every year. While all the foxbots are freaking out over a made-up "War on Christmas" -- a war that includes insidiously substituting the phrase "happy holidays" for "merry Christmas" -- the Fox News store always wishes prospective customers "happy holidays." Every year. It's like their traditional hypocrisy festival or something. And this year is no different.

Does this mean that Fox has given up on their "WoC" fixture? Of course not. As I said, they make the same damned mistake every year.

It just means they're stupid. (News Hounds)

-I'm a terrible, terrible person-
It's not politics, but this made me laugh for quite some time:

Is it possible to like wordplay too much? (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

-Bonus HotD-
"Lieberman: 'I Don't Understand' Why The Department Of Justice Hasn't Charged Australian Assange With Treason."

Probably because you have to be an American to commit treason against the US, Joe. Just a guess. That and this whole crazy "First Amendment" thing all the hippies are worked up over.

But mainly, it's probably just the "not an American" part. (Think Progress, with video)

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  1. Excellent observations, all!


    p.s. I was well known in my family for Spoonerisms. :-) Glad to see some else knows the word!