News Roundup for 2/3/12

Mitt Romney
Can't keep his story straight

-Headline of the Day-
"Soledad O'Brien Questions Mitt Romney Claim He 'Misspoke' On 'Very Poor' Comments."

CNN's Soledad O'Brien has what I think of as a "name of the future." In the coming years, when we're all just one big diverse jumble of cultures, names like Soledad O'Brien will be common. Or Yukio Garabaldi. Or Ludmilla Walking Bear. It's gonna be awesome.

That's got nothing to do with anything though. I just thought I'd bring it up. What's got something to do with something is Mitt Romney and his assertion that he doesn't give a hot squat about the poor. Or, rather, his previous assertion. It's not his assertion any more.

Now everything's all different. Mittens says he didn't mean to say what he said and it's all a big misunderstanding. He meant to say something entirely different. Although, what it was he meant to say remains a mystery, because he hasn't told anyone. This raises suspicions among people who use their brains.

Anyway, Soledad were talking on the TV -- just letting her mind wander or something -- and suddenly it hit her.

"That was after he repeated his stance twice actually on our show," she said. That's right, Mitt had originally gone on an explanation binge, before he decided that wasn't working. Now he says didn't really say it.

Who knows what he'll say tomorrow? (Huffington Post, with video)

-History comes alive-

Gingrich cartoon

Why does the name Ozymandias pop into my head? (McClatchy)

-Bnus HotD-
"Mitt Romney: We Are The Only People Who Put Their Hand Over Our Hearts During The National Anthem."

Yeah, that's about as wrong as it's possible to be.

Mittens is really turning out to be a gaffe machine, isn't he? (Buzzfeed, with video)

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