News Roundup for 2/14/11

Man with tinfoil hat
Likely 2012 GOP nominee

-Headline of the day-
"The GOP's enormous, gaping 2012 vacuum."

And we're not just talking about Sarah Palin here... Ba-dum-bum!

If the CPAC conference proved anything, it's that the ultra-conservative base has no freakin' clue what it is they want and that's hurting them. According to the report, "If you want to declare a winner from CPAC, the annual conservative convention that wrapped up over the weekend, a good case could be made for Barack Obama, mainly because the proceedings underscored the degree to which every likely GOP presidential candidate has serious deficiencies."

Despite Ron Paul winning the Crazy People's Action Conference straw poll, pretty much everyone is in agreement that Mittens Romney is the strongest candidate, real-world-wise. And the problem there is that Mittens sucks. Coming in second in the straw poll, he's been running like hell away from his own healthcare plan in Massachusetts, which is virtually identical to the dreaded "ObamaCare." So, barring the unforeseen, he's primaried out (do you really believe the wingnut candidates aren't going to attack him for it?).

Everyone else is either too crazy to beat Obama or too cautious to blow their chance on a losing campaign.

Which probably means Palin-Bachmann '12. (War Room)

-It kinda, sorta has something to do with Valentines Day-
Love, medicine, and politics.

Venn Diagram
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Makes perfect sense to me. (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

-Bonus HotD-
"Iran Protests Go Crazy (Somewhere John Bolton Is Planning To Nuke Iran)"

Yeah, but John Bolton's always doing that. (Wonkette)

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